Monday, August 20, 2012

Tutorial #4 - Ocean Simulation

This is a quick little tutorial about how to set up the ocean simulator, and a basic scene to create a decent looking ocean. I was asked about this a while back, and with a recent animation I created, I felt like it was time to explain it.

So first, here's what we're going to be creating with the ocean simulator, a ten second clip. I'll then show the tutorial, and explain the steps.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Cycles CUDA vs OpenCL

Once again, I was helping out on Reddit /r/blender. Great place to see some works in progress, and help newbies, and discuss things about blender. Sometimes things amaze me there, but more often than not, it gets my brain going.

Whats better, this or that? Whats the difference between... How do I make this scene look better?

This weekend someone asked about Cycles, and GPU computing, and why he can't get AMD GPU's to work. It was mentioned that Nvidia cards are the cards Blender is being developed for, and to try some other builds for AMD cards. We get into a discussion about CUDA vs OpenCL, and that OpenCL has problems with shadows.

I decided to run a few tests.